The Ultimate Inspection-sent directly to your phone

Customer communication is an important part of the aspect of repairing your car.

If you can see what we see, you can make a more informed decision on what you want repaired and what can wait.

Our technicians are trained to perform 32 point inspections on vehicles that come in and have not had them performed within the last 6 months. We encourage our customers to have these done so that they don’t have unexpected breakdowns. It also allows us to use a proverbial “Crystal Ball” so if we find a boot torn on a suspension joint, or we see that your brake pads are at 4-5mm, we can prepare you for a future repair. I don’t know about you, but I hate surprises. Having time to save and come in, similar to a doctors visit, allows you ample time to set up transportation, and inform your boss that you may need to show up late or leave early to go get your car fixed. Chances are, if you tell the boss before hand, he’s not going to give you that look when you come in late or leave early.

Marty looking over the inspection on the tablet. After review, he sends the inspection so the customer can see his overall vehicle “health report” and the customer can view any applicable photos through the report.

Now, when you first arrive, Marty or I will go out to your vehicle, and acquire all the necessary information such as mileage, license, VIN using the tablet. Then we will ascertain any issues you may be currently having. After that, you simply sign the tablet with your finger and you’re off. If you need a rental or alternate transportation, we can call Enterprise for you. They’ll pick you up from our location and when you come back to pick up you’re vehicle, you leave the rental here. No need to worry about taking it back to the rental shop. They pick it up. It’s that simple.

Jeb inspecting a faulty washer pump on a customer’s 745Li

Once your vehicle is in the shop, the inspection starts with your original complaints. I sometimes feel like the technicians concentrate too much on the 32 point inspection, so the new inspection automatically begins with what you originally came in for. They work directly from the tablet so if they need to check any technical specifications or instructions, the information can be accessed directly at the tablet. This increases technician proficiency, allowing for a better repair because wiring diagrams and repair instructions are available at their fingertips.

Not having to go to a computer at a central location within the shop improves time efficiency and accuracy by removing the walking memory loss. Think about the last time you crossed into another room to get something and forgot why you were there in the first place. Yea, it happens to the best of us. Using tablets also reduced the amount of paper we use since the pages are directly at their fingertips, therefore reducing our footprint on mother earth. Go Green!

Our technicians are using a new state of the art service platform, which means better communication, more accurate repairs and a better overall service experience.
Brake Rotor
This first time customer had no idea that his brakes were metal to metal. Thanks to the inspection, we were able to inform him how this was potentially dangerous and it was appropriatly labeled RED on the inspection. This image was text to him while he was at work and he was able to view his entire inspection, pictures included, on his smartphone.

Since customers rarely received a copy and there was no way to share the things we saw unless the customer was here, we’ve gotten rid of the old paper inspections. In today’s fast paced society, and according to our statistics, customers mainly drop off their vehicles and pick them up after work. Personally, If someone was working on my car, I’d like to see pictures that are easy to see, and have clear documentation as to what was found. With our new tablets and inspection criteria, this is now possible.

If you haven’t been here in over 6 months, you owe it to yourself to check out our new system and have your vehicle inspected. If you need an oil service, or any fluid flush, you can use these coupons from your phone. Winter is right around the corner and the last thing you want to be is stranded in the cold. Call or come in today and have your inspection completed. Then you can rest assured that this winter won’t be bothering you, leaving you out in the cold. With Baltimore Bimmer at your side, you’re covered, and you shouldn’t have to worry about anything.



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